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THE ROSE Heal acrylic photocard holder

THE ROSE Heal acrylic photocard holder

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To commemorate the successful HEAL world tour, this beautiful acrylic photocard holder is perfect to display your favorite (tour) photocard! The design is inspired by their newest album 'HEAL' and features lyrics from the song 'Time'. An adorable accessory for every Black Rose!

✧ A grade: little to no flaws
✧ B grade: a few cracks along the edges 
✧ oops!: a lot of cracks along the edges; please give them some love! (see 2nd slide)

✧ size: ~ 7,5 x 10,5cm
✧ window size: ~ 5 x 7cm
✧ white bubble chain to carry it around!
✧ material: acrylic
✧ make sure to peel off the protective film on both sides!

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